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we are Anna and Tom. We live and work in Warsaw, Poland. From time to time we take photos of different events from our life. You can find some of these photos on this website. Enjoy!

  • Bridie Briggs

    Hello Anna and Tom. What a beautiful collection of photos! You both have a lovely eye! I am writing an activity book for kids called “The Rainbow Book” (http://www.facebook.com/therainbowbook) to raise money for our science club E-Struct Junior Engineers (http://www.facebook.com/groups/estructjuniorengineers) I would love permission to use two of your images; the rainbow bike rack in Germany and the arches in Greece. You both will receive credit on the photos and your website would be acknowledged in the book. I would be very grateful for your support. Kind Regards, Bridie Briggs

    • Go ahead 🙂 I give my permission

      • Bridie Briggs

        Thank you @Tomasz that is very generous of you. 🙂

  • penelopitsaldari

    A warm hello to you Anna and Tom. Just downloaded one of your photos for a Serve Me Well lesson plan. I would appreciate your permission to use the “Ice Water Photo”. I am very grateful for you allowing me to download this photo and will give full credits. You can always reach me at ptsaldari@gmail.com. My daughter and I are just starting out and this was a great help.

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